Becoming a parent is breathtaking, miraculous and exhilarating. BUT – here’s the but – it’s only human to acknowledge that it can also be overwhelming, exhausting, downright scary and unquestionably the greatest of all life’s challenges.

My mission is not to mould fictionally perfect parents. We all just want to be the best we can. So I support my clients without judgement and with an honest, accurate and compassionate approach, to enable them to meet whatever their personal goals may be.

Seeing the smiles, tears of relief and growing confidence as this happens for my clients, has me jumping out of bed in the mornings.

I have worked with many thousands of families for nearly two decades.

As a lactation consultant, health visitor, children’s nurse and infant massage instructor, I have more than likely seen it and done it!


I have also held the position of Specialist Breastfeeding Lead for a central London NHS Trust, developing and delivering breastfeeding training to other health professionals. In 2015, I wrote an OCN accredited training programme for Maternity Nurse  and continue to deliver the course through the London-based agency, Babyem. I also co-facilitate a busy weekly specialist breastfeeding drop-in group in a children’s centre in Tunbridge Wells.

My love affair for travelling, working and meeting people all over the world is still burning strong. I have worked with children and families in rural Uganda, southern India and for an unforgettable year in South Sudan, with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). It was there, in particular, that I assisted many remarkable women in delivering their babies and gained invaluable insight into different birthing and parenting practices.

I am married with two little live-wire daughters, whom between them I breastfed for 3 years.

My first daughter (all 10lbs of her!) guzzled happily from the moment she was born. However, breastfeeding my second daughter presented some major challenges  and saw me through some very dark days, before we finally got established.

You can be assured that my empathy and understanding, for all new parents, is genuine and heartfelt!

 DBS checked

 Fully insured

 Member of associated professional bodies

 Current professional registrations

My Qualifications

MSc – Master of Science (Mother and Child Health, First Class with Honours)

MN – Master of Nursing (Children’s Nursing, First Class with Honours)

IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

RHV – Registered Health Visitor

RNC – Registered Nurse (Children)

CIMI – Certified Infant Massage Instructor

What is a Lactation Consultant?

An IBCLC is the ONLY internationally recognised

credential of expertise in the clinical management of breastfeeding

To be eligible to apply to sit the rigorous exam to become an IBCLC, candidates must first provide evidence they have had a minimum of 1000 hours of breastfeeding counselling experience within the previous 5 years and have accrued a minimum of 90 hours of breastfeeding-related educational hours (eg courses, conferences etc) also within the previous 5 years. Recertification is required every five years.

It is important for parents to be aware that at present, the term Lactation Consultant (when not an IBCLC) and other related titles such as Breastfeeding Consultant, Breastfeeding Expert, Breastfeeding Specialist, Lactation Expert, Infant Feeding Expert and so on, DO NOT reflect any specific qualification, level of knowledge or quality of experience.