Breastfeeding Consultations


As an IBCLC I have worked with thousands of breastfeeding mothers. Whatever your concern is, you can be confident that I have more than likely seen it before.

My clients contact me for many different reasons but most commonly it is for:

? Latching issues

? Painful feeding

? Milk supply (oversupply & undersupply)

? Baby doesn’t ‘want’ to breastfeed

? Feeding Multiples

? Milk Blebs

? Blocked Ducts

? Engorgement

? Mastitis

? Thrush

? Slow weight gain

? Transitioning from bottle to breast & breast to bottle

? Night weaning

? Weaning off nipple shields

? Inducing Lactation (surrogacy/adoption)

? Re-Lactation

? Expressing & Storage of breastmilk

? Going back to work

? Premature babies

? Planning for breastfeeding (antenatally)

**Note: If you book an ONLINE consultation, I will not be able to make a full assessment of tongue tie, which requires an oral examination of tongue mobility and function (since this is only possible when face-to-face with the baby). I can however advise whether a tongue tie sounds likely by taking a thorough history and discussing some of the visible signs that you may see and feel. I can also advise you on the process of tongue tie division and after-care.**

“I simply can’t thank you enough Vanessa! The difference you have made is beyond words….we have a happy baby and one much calmer and happier Mummy. I will tell everyone they need to speak to you!” (Leo, Tunbridge Wells)