Starting Solid Foods

Starting solid foods

Starting your baby on solid foods (also known in the UK as ‘weaning’) is an exciting developmental milestone and one which any parent is naturally keen to begin on the right track.

For good reason. How you feed your baby is not only relevant to their immediate health, but also has a significant impact on their long-term physical and psychological health, their relationship with food and their attitude to eating.

We can talk through any or all of the following topics to give you the confidence and know-how to start off weaning onto solid foods in the best direction you can, without worrying about being a slave to the kitchen!


? When and why to start solid food

? Physical signs of readiness in your baby

? How to start

? What you’ll need (and what you can avoid!)

? What to give

? Choking and how to deal with it

? What to avoid

? What happens with milk feeds

? Quick easy meal ideas

? Avoiding fussy eating

? Recognising allergy intolerance

? Choking and how to deal with it

“It was so reassuring and informative….you get told so many different things that it’s great to have one knowledgable and understanding voice to go with! Thanks very much” (Laura, expat in Spain)