How To: Overcome challenging behaviour in Under 5’s

How To: Overcome challenging behaviour in Under 5’s

Parenting is unquestionably hard and because children have entirely different brain structures to adults, they will think, act and respond in often bewildering ways!!

Through communication, connection and cooperation it is possible to set appropriate and effective limits and boundaries – teaching our children to control themselves first, rather than us trying to control them.

This workshop will take some of this stress away, by exploring why young children behave the way they do and giving participants effective and tangible tools to minimise (and even prevent) their challenging behaviours.

“Thank you Vanessa….we all loved it and found it so refreshing to get a new perspective. It was funny, honest and most importantly really insightful, useful and positive”
(Vivian, London)
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Areas we cover:

? How the pre-frontal cortex develops

? How this impacts on a child’s behaviour

? Minimising outbursts eg tantrums, biting, hitting etc

? Tried & Tested gentle behaviour management techniques

? Taking time for yourself – self-care is key!