Many parents cite that they feel confused, frustrated and disempowered by the myriad of conflicting advice they receive. These “How To” parenting workshops:

  • provide insightful, trustworthy and pragmatic advice and information
  • ensure participants leave feeling confident to make informed parenting decisions that feels right for their family
  • are delivered to corporate and private groups in London and across the South East.
  • are tailored to meet your requirements and are delivered over 2 hours, ½ Day or Full Day periods.

For all enquires and to arrange a workshop, please email vanessac@vanessachristie.com or use the contact form.

Survive & Thrive The Fourth Trimester

Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals

Understand & Support your partner

Start Solid
Get more
Challenging Behavior

How To: Survive & Thrive The Fourth Trimester

During pregnancy it is only natural to be focussed on the Big Day and it is often with hindsight that many parents realise how much calmer life may have been, to have had some greater ‘forewarning’ about what comes next!

This highly popular workshop is designed around the most common parenting “I wish I had known” moments for the first 3 months after birth (AKA the fourth trimester!).

“You have allayed so many of my fears and answered a trillion questions. It was well worth it and more!!”
(Lexi, London)
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Topics can be tailored to your exact needs and can include:

? What is “normal” baby behaviour ? How Fathers can support & bond

? Why babies cry ? Dummies

? Soothing & Settling techniques ? Jaundice

? Safe sleeping practices ? When to be worried and basic first aid

? To routine or not to routine!? ? What to expect in a nappy

? How feeding works ? Infant bathing & personal care

? Mother’s post-natal physical and

emotional Wellbeing

How To: Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals

Breastfeeding isn’t always a walk in the park but it does become a whole lot easier when you are armed with some golden nuggets of information to help you get off to a flying start.

This essential workshop will give you the know how to prevent and deal with many of the issues that can arise and boost your confidence to enjoyably and successfully breastfeed your baby (or babies!).

“Having had a nightmare breastfeeding first time around, I am determined that this time will be different. Going through all these things with you was not only really useful but also very cathartic for me. I know now what happened before and I’m confident it doesn’t need to happen again. Thanks so much.”
(Louisa, Kent)
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Areas we cover:

? How breastfeeding works ? Feeling confident to breastfeed in public

? Getting a great latch ? Expressing & safe storage of mill

? Avoiding pain, engorgement, mastitis ? Solutions for common concerns

and other difficulties ? Building up your milk supply

? How to know when your baby is getting

enough milk (or not)

How To: Understand & Support your partner (birth partners only)

Thankfully, long gone are the days when expectant fathers had to wait outside the delivery room and were not involved in the immediate care of their child. However, antenatal classes are still aimed very much at the woman when discussing life after birth.

Whilst it’s true that nothing will prepare anyone 100% for the ups and downs of new parenthood until you are in it, many fathers and birth partners do say that they wished they had had some greater insight into how to understand and support their partner, before their babies were born.

This workshop is designed to meet these needs and provide a relaxed and open forum to discuss some fairly sensitive topics.

“It was well-worth spending a few hours with you Vanessa. Enlightening to say the least! Seriously though, we covered so many things that I had no concept of before and will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues. I may well be in touch with you again in a few months!”
(James, London)
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Areas we cover:

? What her body is going through post-delivery

? How to support her physical recovery

? Baby blues, anxiety & post-natal depression

? Bonding with your baby

? Sex & relationships

How To: Start Solid Foods

Starting your baby on solid foods is an exciting developmental milestone and one which any parent is naturally keen to begin on the right track. For good reason. How you feed your baby is not only relevant to their immediate health, but also has a significant impact on their long-term physical and psychological health, their relationship with food and their attitude to eating.

This workshop is designed to give you the confidence and know-how to start off weaning in the best direction you can, without worrying about being a slave to your kitchen! The best time to come on this workshop is when your baby is 4-6 months old.

I just wanted to say thank you for your time with us yesterday….I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel fully armed and excited to get going now”
(Kristina, Tunbridge Wells)
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Areas we cover:

? When and why to start solid foods ? Choking and how to deal with it

? Physical signs of readiness in your baby ? Recognising allergy & intolerances

? How to start ? Quick and easy meal ideas

? What to give & what to avoid ? Avoiding fussy eating

? What happens with milk feeds ? What you’ll need (and what you can avoid!)

How To: Get more sleep

The process of learning to sleep peacefully and for long periods, unfolds differently for every child. I firmly believe this process can not and should not, be handled with a universal ‘one size fits all’ approach, which often won’t take account of an individual child’s cognitive ability, brain development, nutritional and emotional needs and so on.

Although we discuss ‘cry-it-out’ methods, this workshop will not advocate their use. For many reasons, most researchers, psychologists and other health professionals, do now agree that these strategies are not appropriate for a baby’s developing brain and body.

Nevertheless, we all tend to want more sleep and this workshop will explain how to get there gently and with love. It is most suited to expectant parents and those with children under the age of 1 year (although anyone is welcome!).

“It was a truly fascinating few hours and I’ve already put a lot of it into place! Thanks Vanessa. I will recommend your workshops to everyone!”
(Lucy, Sussex)
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Areas we cover:

? How babies sleep

? Brain development and how you can promote it

? Overview of different strategies

? Techniques for building healthy sleep habits

? Safe sleeping (including bed sharing)

? Gently overcoming common sleep ‘problems’

How To: Overcome challenging behaviour in Under 5’s

Parenting is unquestionably hard and because children have entirely different brain structures to adults, they will think, act and respond in often bewildering ways!!

Through communication, connection and cooperation it is possible to set appropriate and effective limits and boundaries – teaching our children to control themselves first, rather than us trying to control them.

This workshop will take some of this stress away, by exploring why young children behave the way they do and giving participants effective and tangible tools to minimise (and even prevent) their challenging behaviours.

“Thank you Vanessa….we all loved it and found it so refreshing to get a new perspective. It was funny, honest and most importantly really insightful, useful and positive”
(Vivian, London)
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Areas we cover:

? How the pre-frontal cortex develops

? How this impacts on a child’s behaviour

? Minimising outbursts eg tantrums, biting, hitting etc

? Tried & Tested gentle behaviour management techniques

? Taking time for yourself – self-care is key!